Offering a wide variety of Resins 

within the Adhesive, Rubber, and Thermoplastic Sectors.

Who We Are

Resin Solutions is a global manufacturer of specialty low molecular weight functional additives based on various unique chemistries.
Included are functional diene-based polymers, (meth)acrylate functional metallic monomers that can serve a wide variety of applications in the adhesives, rubber, and thermoplastics industries. 
We work closely with our customers, and our ambition is to offer them the solutions that best fulfill the latest needs of the markets in which they operate. 
Liquid Hydroxyl-t erminated

Poly bd® resins are low molecular weight, hydroxyl-terminated homopolymers of butadiene. These resins are characterized by low volatiles content, low glass transition temperatures, excellent hydrophobicity, and a high level of reactive functionality.

Metallic Monomers

Metallic Monomers increase melt strength in thermoplastics and aid in regrinding. They find utility in a variety of applications including tires, power transmission belts, rubber sealing systems, coatings, adhesives, and much more.

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